Okay, so once Solstice was over I pretty much shut down shop and rode for fun… or didn’t ride for fun. Or whatever. I ate what I wanted, went to X-Fit. Lifted heavy weights, and just didn’t care about cardio. Rode team for the Fall 8h. It was a good sign to get back on the bike.

So with that I promptly took a few more weeks off.

One of the things that I’ve been dealing with for, a while now was a back issue since messing it up in Kingston last year. I’m not sure what happened, but not giving it enough time to rest and repair, and then trying to get through solos was progressively getting harder. Once Solstice was done, I was done with biking.  Physically I had been training hard for almost a year and a half, and mentally I had over done it by a long shot almost even falling apart before Pueblo.

First thing I did was assess that I was having to answer to to many things to really focus on anything. Work had shifted, and I needed to adjust to it properly, and being focused on fitness and riding wasn’t helping.

So for the rest of the summer, I just kinda casually slid into the shadows and rode a box of Timbits and hydrated with coffee a bit too much, barely rode my bike… actually I don’t think I’ve been on my Revolver for more than 10 minutes since Solstice till I took it to the Fall 8. Still love the bike…..

Though now the belt notches have gotten a little taxed lately.. more than I’ve cared for.

Over the last few months I’ve been doing a lot of XFit, and not really doing anything resembling cycling. If anything, I’ve been running and doing XFit more than biking. Both of which don’t seem to trigger the back injury at all. *Though Xfit seems to hit me with a whole world of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness if I go too hard… which is like every time cause I’m an idiot.* But I’ve been dead-lifting and squatting as much as I can since joining.

But then it kinda dawned on me a few days ago that I really haven’t popped my back  or felt anything stupid back there for a solid month. I mean it gets stiff every once in a while, but nothing like what it used to… and this kinda excited me about getting back on the bike.

So after taking some time off. I’m starting at what almost feels ground 0. The base is still there.. its just a matter of focusing on 2017, and the eventual return to Pueblo so I can finish what I started.

…. so step one begins tomorrow and that step ends with me showing up at P2A with every intention of causing peepee panties in the Clyde category.


Promise to update this often with progress and my renewed love of teh bikez.



Solstice came and went… and of course, there are stories to tell. So go grab yourself a Gatorade and unzip for a Blaine cold rag wipe-down special… its time for the race report.

First, let me preface this with something.

I will never do Solstice Solo again. That’s not to say I won’t do another 24H solo, cause believe me, I’m goin back to Pueblo without a question… but Solstice is a time for gathering with friends, hammering a lap, then hammering a cold beer. Solstice is a weekend away from the grind where I play bikes. Nothing compares to meeting up with your friends at 2am for your graveyard lap at the start pen… talking shit, then sucking wind up the first hill cause you already played all your cards on the first lap.  The camp fires, the site visits. Just overall, its how I want to enjoy it in the future, and with my family growing, I fully intend to turn it into camping weekends, and possibly including them in future races should they decide to take it up.

I missed out on it this year, and I feel it already, a bit of melancholy knowing that I have to wait till next year to 24h with my Big Unit Brothers. But there’s lots to do still, and Fall Epic 8 team is always a go. Not the same, but it is what it is!

Anyway, enough… RACE REPART!

I drove up on Saturday morning, it turned out to be a good idea as I got a pretty solid nights sleep the evening before and the drive there was really… uneventful for what I thought it was going to be. Found Riots home base, parked and unloaded all of my gear.

Neil was a good Directeur Sportif and set up the Apex tent for me to call home for the next 24 hours. It came in hella handy. Cause.. .DAT SUN THO.

Support Apex buy buying pictures. Someone needs to pay for their bug spray budget.

After putting down almost 6 bottles of hydration even before hitting the start pen, I knew today was going to be tough. The sun was hot, the ground was hot, the dust was hot, everything was hot. I do well in heat for sure, but man alive, I was having visions of fighting off the sun like at Pueblo again. Only this time, I knew the sun was going to be out for at least 8 hours vs. Pueblo’s 5.

I got up to the start pen with about 5 minutes left in the count down. Almost perfect timing really, just enough time to settle up in the back and get ready for the inevitable trainwreck of climbs and single track entries….

Lap 1 was pretty much that, lots of bottlenecks. I took the time to relax and just get into the groove. Riot and I meandered through the lap laughing it up. He mentioned that I picked good lines. I didn’t know if he was serious. I then slid out like an idiot on a corner and we both kinda laughed at it, after a while Riot left me behind and I settled into what I felt was going to be a comfortable pace for the 24h, at least at this point.

Lap 2 was pretty much just riding around. The course had cleared up quite a bit and bottle necks weren’t a thing anymore. I actually felt really good. There isn’t much to report till about lap 4.

Lap 4… this is where things got raw. The heat was really starting to get to me. I like heat, but one of the things I’ve done in the last year or so after hot rides, or long rides, is go grab food at about this time, then take a nap. My brain was screaming at me to eat and when I did that, it seriously unleashed a massive Seratonin bomb. I suddenly was just… sleepy as hell. I wanted to lay down and have a solid 1 hour nap. It was brutal. I knew I wasn’t “tired” but holy shit I wanted to nap so badly it hurt.

Blaine had none of it. Gave me a flat pop, a cold wet rag over my head and told me to eat a gel.. then sent me back out. Honestly I’m not sure what that was all about but suddenly I felt a LOT better.

I managed to get to the night and slapped the lights on. I settled into a lap with a 10 minute break at the pits each time through. I’ll be honest, it took me till about 9pm to get re hydrated after fighting my body all day.

The night laps were fairly straight forward. One of the things that happened was that somewhere, everything just.. stopped hurting. I couldn’t push much harder, but I suddenly felt really good. Just.. tired. I continued my lap / break / lap / break ride through the night, and felt good about hitting my 14-15 lap goal.

Lap 11 is where it fell apart for me.

I was happy to be riding without my lights again and was fairly confident in my ability to continue on for another 4 more laps. The warm sun was feeling really good, and I was well fed and well hydrated for the Sunday onslaught of heat.

Little did I know I was on the edge of snapping. I had ridden passed Speed O Rama and knew that this was the harder part of the course by way of single track and was fairly pumped to get passed Pining for More to the longish double track where I’d drink and recover… but first I needed to sneak through the rock garden.

I don’t know what happened but I literally blacked out for a second and found myself in the middle of the garden heading towards a rock. I know I went into it way too fast and couldn’t correct. I hit something head on and went down. Holy shit though I endo’d hard, and went helmet first into a boulder. I thought I broke my neck. I’ve ridden this rock garden a hundred times… and honestly I don’t know what happened, but man alive. The helmet is a write-off, but it saved my life, no joke. Wear your helmet, don’t be an idiot.

Anyway, I check myself over and saw I had gashed my knee AGAIN. This time deeply. I rode to the next marshal and called it before something worse happened. There was a fast downhill “double track” that had gotten fairly grooved out over the night and dragged my tire on my last time through. If that went bad, it woulda been game over by way of dislocation or seriously broken bones.

I rode back to the start pen and checked in with medical. My headache was gone so I figured I had nothing to worry about there, got cleaned up.. and handed in my card. I meandered my way back to camp. It was about 9:30 when I got there.

Kids were waiting, and wife had shown up, but race was over… and I was perfectly fine with it. I placed 11th out of 24 riders in my category. Had I kept going, I coulda probably hit 5th.

I drove home, had the dirtiest sandwich I could find, parked my car in the garage.

Actual conversation with my wife:

Her: Did you unpack?
Me: yeah everything’s in the garage
Her:…… um you just parked the Rav in there and everything’s still in the trunk
Me: close enough

Overall… honestly I set out what I wanted to do with this 24h. I rode all day, all night, and then saw the sun come up. I stopped for breaks, but I didn’t… STOP and that was the kicker… so I feel accomplished in what I did, even though honestly I coulda did more. I just figured at that point that Team Canada still hasn’t decided to add me to their roster, so I wasn’t there to impress anyone other than myself… and I feel secure in saying I did what I wanted to.

Mad props to Riot and Giant though, felt a bit like a bum in the tent considering they’re both fighting for 1st place, and here I am shitting the place up. Truly on another level. Though man I question Giant’s on bike diet, that’s some mad dedication I just don’t have 🙂

Also big thank you to Blaine for helping me get through the race and putting this monkey to bed. The last few days of not having to think about it or how poorly I did really feels a lot better then having that nagging hook of “… you know you want to do this again, you know you can be better”. Let me know if you want to head to Arizona with me and crew that!

Pueblo has the honour of being the hook in my mouth now. I’ll be back for you buddy.. but not yet. I’m going to go re-visit the iron for a bit. I’ve spent the last 5 years doing nothing but cardio. I need to do a serious round at the gym and then re-focus on training for another round in Arizona. I’ll come back trained, skinny, and angry…. and hungry for 4x4s.

…. though man, already looking forward to next Solstice. 359 days to go.


Solstice Cometh

Wait wut?

Well its approaching. I think this time around I’ve somewhat learned my lesson about running my mouth. I had a good summer last year in regards to racing, and I think that may have over inflated my ego a bit heading into Pueblo. You’ll probably notice I’ve not said much about this 24H attempt, or been racing much right now. Mostly because at the moment I am still damaged goods, but also because this summer I need to focus on other things like my new job and my family.

Truth is right now I’m just going through the machinations of training, and learning to enjoy myself on the bike a bit more. I’m still training with a coach, but I’m quietly just riding and smiling when I can. For example last Sunday’s ride out in Durham was in all essences just a complete mind clearing experience for me. A lot of it just based on swapping some parts out and seeing how the bike handles, hitting jumps, getting more time in the saddle and enjoying the heat. I think I got the majority of the kinks out of my bike setup. The bars were the culprit. I went to a shorter bar with a bit more rise in them. I no longer feel like I’m over the front on squirrel downhills. This is a good confidence booster. Also, this will bode well for my return to Kingston this year…. cause I already broke fingers this year and Dan’s races are known for shenanigans.

Mind you, the 24H course isn’t known for being super technical or shenanigany. Mansfield is usually the wake up call I get in the spring. All good though.

Also, there is a weird sense of calm about the race too. Its home turf for one thing. I’ve ridden Albion numerous times and I know what I’m getting into. The climbs there can come fairly rapidly, but I’ve always been on a team and was expected to redline myself around the course each time I went out. This time though, not so much. I know there will be sections that will suck, but at the same time, I’ll be comfortably riding at my “for fun” pace. I have no expectations other to be in motion for at least 22 of the 24 hours.. either walking or riding.

Could be the small bottle of fireball whiskey I’ll be packing for my night laps too.

I know what I need to do for food. I’ll be fully stocked and ready. Water should be good, and I believe I’ll be pitting in with Beef and his crew so I’ll be taken care of.

There has been a constant taste of failure in my mouth since #Pueblo. I’ve become quite tired of it. I didn’t suck, but not finishing is a huge thorn in my side that I need to have removed.

Solstice is the cure.  It must be the cure.

Bleedy McBleed Face

Okay, first of all looking back at Mansfield I’m going to assume 50% of the issue was my own.

Simply put, I ran my tires WAY under inflated. I got used to it in Arizona since there really wasn’t anything brutal out in that area for me to get hung up on, and in Durham Forest its almost like riding Albion by way of technical shenanigans. I was easily 25-30psi front and rear.

I had spent the majority of my week debating switching out my handlebars and grips, but otherwise happy with how my bike is.

This is the first mistake of my day. I continually forget how steep Mansfield is in some sections. This bodes fine for 160 pounders that can bleed off speed using brakes lightly, but us super clydes have it a bit worse on these kinds of features. That and honestly I don’t ever see myself getting a dropper seat post, but this is one of those places that I think it’d come in handy.

For me, if you let go of the brake, gravity will accelerate my mass way outside my brakes ability to stop.. combine it with how I always tend to think Mansfield is easier than it is, and you have a lot of stupid mistakes being made early… oh, also add in the mindset of having a full suspension bike too.

Though this year I didn’t almost near endo kill myself on the little hill jump about a third of the way though the course… so YAY FOR SMALL VICTORIES…. I think.

I’ll make sure to come prepared bike wise next year… also fitness wise, while not lacking, it was definitely not on point. That’s okay though, I’m not going to beat myself up over it just yet.


First lap out and things are alright. Legs a bit laggy and not my best time around the course. Mind you, got caught up on a lot of traffic, but I wasn’t going to let that bother me, I had a long day ahead of me, and I knew Mansfield was going to be bad for it for the first lap.

Nothing to note, rode with good people, shot the shit, got my lap in..

2nd Lap

Everything was good till I got to Exit Wound.

I was careening derpily down Exit Wound, satisfied in my ability to get through it after last laps clean run. I get to the first switchback, and there’s a rider standing on the course right in the middle of the corner.. grab the front brake while trying to not smash her into a pancake… aaaand bang. Front tire blows. I almost save it, but end up going over the bars cause screw you, your new white kit would look good with dirt on it. She on the other hand, just gets her groove on and keeps walking, no offer of a canister or anything.

Two things here. I don’t get angry often, but 1. You’re wearing kit, so my assumption is that you at LEAST know what you’re doing on a ride hence why I continued to ride towards her. 2. GET OFF THE F’N TRAIL till its clear to get back on. I’m not exactly the kind of person that’s hard to miss, but you saw me coming. MOVE!

Anyway, I can’t seal it back up after Mr. Ma and I try to get it seated using his pump, and I jog it in. I seem to seat the tire on the way back out, but B. Cox hands me what would end up being a 2nd lap lifesaver.

I head  back out on lap 2, and my front tire just seems to get squishy, I stop, check, fill with the CO2, and continue on. I repeat this till Chewbacca, where I’m hoping to get to the Solo pits and clean out my tires. I’m convinced there’s dirt in between the bead and the rim thats not letting me seal up.

Chewbacca’s down gets a bit squirrlz near the end with my tire getting super soft, and I’m just about through when we head into the steep step down and steep downhill into the final stretch.

Fucking hiker, half on the trail, he stands there wanting me to go around him. Front tire hisses again, back tire pops off after trying to skid around him. I save it but at the expense of a pedal gashing my leg open. There was blood, a good amount of bright red oxygen rich blood.

If it bleeds, we can kill it.

I manage to run my bike back to the pit. Sit down and contemplate my day. Its only about 2 hours in, I’ve managed to do 2 laps. What the hell is going on. I take the tires off the bike, add a shot of Stans to both, clean the tire beads off, clean off the rim, pump to about 50psi, turn and shake the wheels, and get everything seated up.

I then try to clean off my leg. Not happening. Hurts like a bitch to touch… Its now 3.5 hours in, and I have 2 laps to my name. Good times. I also notice that my HRM hasn’t recorded any data for the last hour.

The frustration sets in and I start to consider packing it up…

Then out of nowhere I get up, get on my bike, and just continue on. Donno what it was, but I was like “well I didn’t fucking come here to sit around”. So I didn’t.

Back into Exit Wound, I go down again in the soft stuff. Just don’t care anymore, get back up, keep riding.

The next 6 laps were a combination of being overly skittish on things, burning way to much energy white knuckling everything, being way too uptight about my tires holding on downs. Not paying attention to hydration and food, and just generally being a terrible mountain biker. The bangs and bruises started to add up over the day and I could start to feel it everywhere. I was going to call it on lap 7 and just go to the med tent. But I couldn’t find it through the blind rage I was feeling, so I just went out for lap 8.

Honestly, I could have probably did lap 9 if you held my feet to the fire, but I was spent.

Ironically, my fastest Exit Wound run was on my last lap.

…. funny thing thought, my seat was creaking like mad for the first 2 laps. Seems that all I needed to do was offer a blood sacrifice for it to shut up.

Post ride beers and war stories. I hear Riot has broken ribs. There was lots of blood and tears to go around on Saturday, but all of us soldiered on.

Mansfield gets harder every year, they’ll add something to it that will throw you off, and they’re not afraid to call you out when you whine about that climb either.

Anyway, continuing my march towards Solstice 24… this showed me I need to work on stuff. Coach took a look at it, and there’s no rest after this. He’s going wide open throttle till Solstice. It will only hurt more and more till its over.

Then I swear to god I’m just doing team races for the rest of the year. This solo shit is for the birds man…. well till I go back to #Pueblo.

…. fucking green shirt guy.


It Gets In Your Blood Man

So… I ended up turning my ride in at about 2am. Not what I had intended, but honestly it was for the best… am I upset? A bit. I mean I could sit and kvetch about how much money and time I invested into it, or whatever but I’m preferring to look at it from a trees for the forest kind of view.

Race report first… philosophical yakkety shmakkety later.

We got on site late Thursday night and went out for a pre ride on Friday morning shortly after we got up. I remember the course being a lot harder than it was, but I kept thinking it was the gears that were helping. The last time I rode it it was with a SS and it was hella fun but that 4th lap was something else. The rock drop was a bit crazy this year with no real smooth transition to ground anymore but rather a bit of a huck to flat. Lean back and you were fine… though I always felt like this when I was about to touch down:

IRode it a few times and felt that I had it figured out, then started in on making excuses not to take it over shots of whisky….. cause the best thing to do before a 24h is drink….. don’t judge me.

I passed by the Camelbak tent on the way back and ask if they’re selling since I need a place to hold my battery through the night cause I’m loath to hook it up to my bike. They’re not selling just demos…. so they give me one. To demo. For 24h. Cool beans those guys!

Speaking of which, Arizona and Nevada are now considered no judgement zones, which started in Scott’s kitchen and seemed to expand every time the whisky made an appearance. Eventually things got out of hand.

That evening I was passing by a random camp on my way to the showers and they’re like “YOU LOOK LIKE YOU WANT A BEER”. Of which I reply “I CERTAINLY DO”. I sit down and I realize I’ve walked into the Camelbak guys again. 4 beers later and they’re like “I don’t want that backpack back man, get it dirty as hell so I can’t take it”.


Again man, everyone at Pueblo is just awesome… so far.

I stumble back to camp after drinking what can only be described as the best beer ever.

Down some food and then get settled in on my outdoor cot for some Arizona desert night sleeping… best evar.

Wake up, plates on, eat a bit, center myself and get ready for the race. Drop my bike off and then walk down to the le mans start.

The race starts with a 400m run (walk) to our bikes to thin out the competitive types with the solo’s and “there for giggles” types.. we chose to walk and … well drink. Everyone hands out beer and shots during the run because I swear half of the people there are just there for the alcohol, and it changes the dynamic of the race. It becomes… really fun and crazy enjoyable…. and like the alcohol, it gets in your blood.

Lap 1, Scott, Ashlie and I ride together at a solid pace and get through the course. Rock drop and all. This one doesn’t feel crazy, but really controlled. I felt good about it and decided to take it as much as I could till I got tired. Head into the pit and grab some food and jump back out.

Second lap is much like the first only this time its through the Bitches. I get caught in a bit of traffic, but I’m feeling good. I do need to scale back though as my HR is a bit higher than normal. Scale back a bit and the climb out was easy. Keep trucking along and my lap is over with no issues.

Third lap in and I’m feeling really good…. I head into an swooping turn into an uphill and out of the corner of my eye… florescent green jersey is passing me without a call or anything… on single track.

He takes my bars and I’m headed into the rocks, and over the bars.. Enter Bullet Time…. I’m looking at a rock and I think… well that’s probably not going to be good to land on.. is there another option? Cactus…. hrm, broken arm or cactus. I chose

My name is Cholla, and I like warm hugs.

I dive in arms extended, and it gets stuck in my arms, my back, my ass, my legs. Now.. still in slow motion I recoil from how much this hurts.. and slam my hand on a rock anyway because hey why not. All I hear is hissing from my bike and I see my front tire spitting stans out someone shot it.

This asshole decides to ride on like nothing happens!

Its a 5km hike out with my bike. I manage to borrow a tube from a rider but all I hear is it ripping my tire… or at least I thought it was so I take it out and hand it off to a garbage can on the way through the solo pits. On the hike out, I manage to stick myself in the foot with additional cholla, twice….. I somehow manage to find my way back to camp mentally intact and without hulking out on anything though man alive I wanted to toss cars at this point.

It takes about 45 minutes of Brian and Lou manscaping me with a set of pliers to pull out all the needles from my back and arms. I manage to pull out the ones in my ass by peeling off my bib. During this time Marc manages to houdini my tire back onto the rim and have it seal up. I head back out bloodied but unbowed… with lights. My pit crew of the McMuffins and Canadian Bacon team are top notch.

I come back in after this lap and I feel amazing. I eat well drink well and head back out. But I start to notice my hand is feeling numb, but when I hit something like a rock or a dip, a sharp electric pain goes shooting up my arm. It progressively gets worse as it gets colder and the miles pack on.

7th lap, I head out with Scott who’s managed to lap me after my shenanigans with the crash and because he’s an animal. We ride out a bit but I’m starting to really suffer through my hand. I’m getting angry as my legs are feeling really good but I just can’t seem to stay upright without gritting my teeth.

At 185km I’m no longer holding onto the left side of my bike, but rather palming it to steer… and any time I grab the brake I have to stop palming it, grab it,  then get the shooting pain up my arm.  It feels like I’m wearing a baseball glove, filled with bullet ants every time I hit a rock garden or anything technical.

I ride into the medical tent and they tell me that my fingers are probably sprained, but that my ulnar nerve is agitated as hell causing the issues with the sharp shots of electricity. The combo isn’t good overall but it was my choice to keep going and risk it getting much much worse.

I sit in the tent for a bit and contemplate going on or calling it.

At this point, my legs are still good to go. I’m not tired. I’m well fed. But my hand is… just on fire.

Looking back, the training and time spent on the bike. The constant ignoring of foods I wanted. Sacrifice, whatever else I’ve done is going to end with this decision and I hate that I’m in this position…. but then I realize you know what. This is the longest I’ve ever been on the bike, and while I’m good to go for more…. why jinx it? I got Solstice for redemption, and I can always come back.

So I went back to camp, parked my bike and then fell asleep… with no regrets, and dreams of 4x4s.

Everything that could have went well at the race, did, and I have no regrets about it other than maybe I shoulda been much more aggressive with letting that guy pass me, or just in general. Maybe I should write SOLO on my calves to let people know what I’m doing. But all in all, there was nothing I could really do to prevent what happened… and I’m seriously okay with it.

But, I consider it a 12h solo…. and I am already plotting my return… 41st out of 90 or so riders. Not bad for only riding 12 hours.

I’ll be back to Pueblo no doubt. I honestly can’t put my finger on it. My Vegas MTB family that grew this time around. My love of desert riding, The feeling and vibe that Old Pueblo Town gives off when it comes around. The way they greet every rider every time they come in from a lap like you’re their best friend… “Welcome back 62”.  The people.. I don’t know what the mix is… but man, it gets in your blood… and suddenly you just wanna do Pueblo with as much family and friends as you can so you can share how awesome it is.

These are good people.

… anyway, P2A and Substance Series races coming up… then on to Solstice 24 and the redemption of El Oso.



Well, Pueblo is now very much a reality with it being 3 weeks off now. 2 Weeks before I actually start making my way down there.

I’ve been working on nutrition on the bike.

Doing some research, 2 years ago when I first rode Pueblo I was on my Singlespeed and… probably really over trained as I had been doing nothing but Sufferfest video’s prior to going (Tour du Sufferlandria), and then stopped riding about a week before I went down. I also just fought off a head cold heading down due to the over training.

For my laps at … what felt like a solid pace I would burn 1250 calories with an average HR of about 150.


This was 2 years ago before I got a coach. Now, I’m heading there a bit lighter now, but not much. I still skim that 248-250 lb range, no matter how hard I diet down, I cannot seem to break through this. So really its safe to say that my caloric intake will most likely remain the same. At this point I can’t make any dietary changes that would help, they’d only hinder me, I’ll have to do the diet down thing for P2A, though at this point I’ve had my Zen moment, I will never be slim 🙂

So with that, I’ll need to recover 75% of my calories each lap.. which comes out to about 900.

So I’m just throwing this out in hours of the race, and how I’m going to break it down for myself:

12-3:00pm (2 Laps, lol I hope.)

Each Lap:
4x Perpetuem Mix (540 Calories)
750ML Bottle of Skratch (160 Calories)
Electrolyte Extreme 1x Tab
Anti Fatigue Cap 1x

So this will be my staple pit through the race, the mix alone comes out to 700 calories, I’m not going to over feed on it, and its pretty much what I use on my trainer during 3h+4h rides. It works, but I’m still about 200 cals short, and I get all grumpy when I don’t have any solids after about 4h. From here, I’ll snag something from the treat jar, maybe some cookies or whatever, easy calories.

There are 2 places I know I can eat well. The first place comes RIGHT after the bitches at 4.5km in. In total this is about 6km after pit in. It gets flat and fast for those going bonkers, but for me I’m going to get half the Perpetuem in me there, and the other half is about half way through the race after a tall hill. You make a left onto a service road for about 2km, and this is where I’ll down the second half of the flask. I’ll be drinking the Skratch throughout the course where I need it, but making sure to have the bottle finished by the top of the 5km grinder at the end of the course.

3:00-6:00pm (2 Laps, look at me thinking I’m gonna hold that pace, lights go on)

Each Lap:
4x Perpetuem Mix (540 Calories)
750ML Bottle of Skratch (160 Calories)
Electrolyte Extreme 1x Tab
Anti Fatigue Cap 1x
Rice Packet and Yogurt at end of lap 4.

Same Idea here, though this will be my first pit in for a meal. I’ve taken to mixing rice into yogurt and adding some trail mix. Its tasty and also super calorie dense. Quinoa as well, but Uncle Ben’s pre made is super easy to open mix and down, and digests fast. Though eat on the bike, sitting down for me will cause this to go on longer than I want.

6:00-9:00pm (2 Laps, possibly slowing down at this point)

4x Perpetuem Mix (540 Calories)
750ML Bottle of Skratch (160 Calories)
Electrolyte Extreme 1x Tab
Anti Fatigue Cap 1x
Soup or Coffee for that “I like warm hugs” feeling.

This will put me at about 9pm. The desert will suddenly get cool and I’ll start to want warm drinks and stuff to keep me warm out there. While I’m pretty self insulated, a warm coffee, or soup will go SUPER handy leading into my night rides.

Its also at this point where I’ll change out of my old bib and into something dry and new. I’ll get my arm and leg warmers out and head back out. At this point its no mans land for me. I’ve never ridden past 8h.

At 12am (8 laps?! HAHAH..), I’ll pit in for another meal. I’m not sure how messed up I’ll be at this point, but I have good people to keep me going.  I will most likely start in on solids at this point. Perogies for yummy treats in my back pocket, possibly a dirty McD’s burger for the change of flavour.

3am (10 laps?) This is where I’l probably be sick of Perpetuem and Skratch, and I’ll start to whine about it. I’ll also probably be deadly tired and trying to avoid cactus like its going out of style. I’ll be praying for sunlight. I will most likely slow down at this point just keeping myself on the bike and concentrated on moving forward.

5am (12 laps 3, to go)

I have no clue how I’ll be feeling at this point. Probably angry and tired and ready to go home.

7am (14 Laps, 1 to go)


9am (15 Laps done.)

Now the above is completely based on the fact I can hold a 1:30 lap pace, which just isn’t going to happen, but I feel I can probably hold something close to that, maybe swaying into 1:45 or so, this still gives me enough time to hit my 15 lap goal, this also is pending weather is favourable. If it rains or gets cold (or snows lol) I’ll probably just keep trudging on.

Anyway, just musings on how I’m going to deal with eating and drinking and visualization for Pueblo.

Break On Through

Short Update:

VO2 test came back with better results after a week off. Winter has finally showed up with some snow on the ground so it doesn’t look completely miserable outside. I’m feeling good, and I have just over a month before Pueblo.

Just need to clean myself up with good foods for the next month or so and hit all my workouts and I should be golden for a good shot at my 15 lap goal.