Okay, so once Solstice was over I pretty much shut down shop and rode for fun… or didn’t ride for fun. Or whatever. I ate what I wanted, went to X-Fit. Lifted heavy weights, and just didn’t care about cardio. Rode team for the Fall 8h. It was a good sign to get back on the bike.

So with that I promptly took a few more weeks off.

One of the things that I’ve been dealing with for, a while now was a back issue since messing it up in Kingston last year. I’m not sure what happened, but not giving it enough time to rest and repair, and then trying to get through solos was progressively getting harder. Once Solstice was done, I was done with biking.  Physically I had been training hard for almost a year and a half, and mentally I had over done it by a long shot almost even falling apart before Pueblo.

First thing I did was assess that I was having to answer to to many things to really focus on anything. Work had shifted, and I needed to adjust to it properly, and being focused on fitness and riding wasn’t helping.

So for the rest of the summer, I just kinda casually slid into the shadows and rode a box of Timbits and hydrated with coffee a bit too much, barely rode my bike… actually I don’t think I’ve been on my Revolver for more than 10 minutes since Solstice till I took it to the Fall 8. Still love the bike…..

Though now the belt notches have gotten a little taxed lately.. more than I’ve cared for.

Over the last few months I’ve been doing a lot of XFit, and not really doing anything resembling cycling. If anything, I’ve been running and doing XFit more than biking. Both of which don’t seem to trigger the back injury at all. *Though Xfit seems to hit me with a whole world of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness if I go too hard… which is like every time cause I’m an idiot.* But I’ve been dead-lifting and squatting as much as I can since joining.

But then it kinda dawned on me a few days ago that I really haven’t popped my back  or felt anything stupid back there for a solid month. I mean it gets stiff every once in a while, but nothing like what it used to… and this kinda excited me about getting back on the bike.

So after taking some time off. I’m starting at what almost feels ground 0. The base is still there.. its just a matter of focusing on 2017, and the eventual return to Pueblo so I can finish what I started.

…. so step one begins tomorrow and that step ends with me showing up at P2A with every intention of causing peepee panties in the Clyde category.


Promise to update this often with progress and my renewed love of teh bikez.


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