Solstice Cometh

Wait wut?

Well its approaching. I think this time around I’ve somewhat learned my lesson about running my mouth. I had a good summer last year in regards to racing, and I think that may have over inflated my ego a bit heading into Pueblo. You’ll probably notice I’ve not said much about this 24H attempt, or been racing much right now. Mostly because at the moment I am still damaged goods, but also because this summer I need to focus on other things like my new job and my family.

Truth is right now I’m just going through the machinations of training, and learning to enjoy myself on the bike a bit more. I’m still training with a coach, but I’m quietly just riding and smiling when I can. For example last Sunday’s ride out in Durham was in all essences just a complete mind clearing experience for me. A lot of it just based on swapping some parts out and seeing how the bike handles, hitting jumps, getting more time in the saddle and enjoying the heat. I think I got the majority of the kinks out of my bike setup. The bars were the culprit. I went to a shorter bar with a bit more rise in them. I no longer feel like I’m over the front on squirrel downhills. This is a good confidence booster. Also, this will bode well for my return to Kingston this year…. cause I already broke fingers this year and Dan’s races are known for shenanigans.

Mind you, the 24H course isn’t known for being super technical or shenanigany. Mansfield is usually the wake up call I get in the spring. All good though.

Also, there is a weird sense of calm about the race too. Its home turf for one thing. I’ve ridden Albion numerous times and I know what I’m getting into. The climbs there can come fairly rapidly, but I’ve always been on a team and was expected to redline myself around the course each time I went out. This time though, not so much. I know there will be sections that will suck, but at the same time, I’ll be comfortably riding at my “for fun” pace. I have no expectations other to be in motion for at least 22 of the 24 hours.. either walking or riding.

Could be the small bottle of fireball whiskey I’ll be packing for my night laps too.

I know what I need to do for food. I’ll be fully stocked and ready. Water should be good, and I believe I’ll be pitting in with Beef and his crew so I’ll be taken care of.

There has been a constant taste of failure in my mouth since #Pueblo. I’ve become quite tired of it. I didn’t suck, but not finishing is a huge thorn in my side that I need to have removed.

Solstice is the cure.  It must be the cure.


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