Well, Pueblo is now very much a reality with it being 3 weeks off now. 2 Weeks before I actually start making my way down there.

I’ve been working on nutrition on the bike.

Doing some research, 2 years ago when I first rode Pueblo I was on my Singlespeed and… probably really over trained as I had been doing nothing but Sufferfest video’s prior to going (Tour du Sufferlandria), and then stopped riding about a week before I went down. I also just fought off a head cold heading down due to the over training.

For my laps at … what felt like a solid pace I would burn 1250 calories with an average HR of about 150.


This was 2 years ago before I got a coach. Now, I’m heading there a bit lighter now, but not much. I still skim that 248-250 lb range, no matter how hard I diet down, I cannot seem to break through this. So really its safe to say that my caloric intake will most likely remain the same. At this point I can’t make any dietary changes that would help, they’d only hinder me, I’ll have to do the diet down thing for P2A, though at this point I’ve had my Zen moment, I will never be slim 🙂

So with that, I’ll need to recover 75% of my calories each lap.. which comes out to about 900.

So I’m just throwing this out in hours of the race, and how I’m going to break it down for myself:

12-3:00pm (2 Laps, lol I hope.)

Each Lap:
4x Perpetuem Mix (540 Calories)
750ML Bottle of Skratch (160 Calories)
Electrolyte Extreme 1x Tab
Anti Fatigue Cap 1x

So this will be my staple pit through the race, the mix alone comes out to 700 calories, I’m not going to over feed on it, and its pretty much what I use on my trainer during 3h+4h rides. It works, but I’m still about 200 cals short, and I get all grumpy when I don’t have any solids after about 4h. From here, I’ll snag something from the treat jar, maybe some cookies or whatever, easy calories.

There are 2 places I know I can eat well. The first place comes RIGHT after the bitches at 4.5km in. In total this is about 6km after pit in. It gets flat and fast for those going bonkers, but for me I’m going to get half the Perpetuem in me there, and the other half is about half way through the race after a tall hill. You make a left onto a service road for about 2km, and this is where I’ll down the second half of the flask. I’ll be drinking the Skratch throughout the course where I need it, but making sure to have the bottle finished by the top of the 5km grinder at the end of the course.

3:00-6:00pm (2 Laps, look at me thinking I’m gonna hold that pace, lights go on)

Each Lap:
4x Perpetuem Mix (540 Calories)
750ML Bottle of Skratch (160 Calories)
Electrolyte Extreme 1x Tab
Anti Fatigue Cap 1x
Rice Packet and Yogurt at end of lap 4.

Same Idea here, though this will be my first pit in for a meal. I’ve taken to mixing rice into yogurt and adding some trail mix. Its tasty and also super calorie dense. Quinoa as well, but Uncle Ben’s pre made is super easy to open mix and down, and digests fast. Though eat on the bike, sitting down for me will cause this to go on longer than I want.

6:00-9:00pm (2 Laps, possibly slowing down at this point)

4x Perpetuem Mix (540 Calories)
750ML Bottle of Skratch (160 Calories)
Electrolyte Extreme 1x Tab
Anti Fatigue Cap 1x
Soup or Coffee for that “I like warm hugs” feeling.

This will put me at about 9pm. The desert will suddenly get cool and I’ll start to want warm drinks and stuff to keep me warm out there. While I’m pretty self insulated, a warm coffee, or soup will go SUPER handy leading into my night rides.

Its also at this point where I’ll change out of my old bib and into something dry and new. I’ll get my arm and leg warmers out and head back out. At this point its no mans land for me. I’ve never ridden past 8h.

At 12am (8 laps?! HAHAH..), I’ll pit in for another meal. I’m not sure how messed up I’ll be at this point, but I have good people to keep me going.  I will most likely start in on solids at this point. Perogies for yummy treats in my back pocket, possibly a dirty McD’s burger for the change of flavour.

3am (10 laps?) This is where I’l probably be sick of Perpetuem and Skratch, and I’ll start to whine about it. I’ll also probably be deadly tired and trying to avoid cactus like its going out of style. I’ll be praying for sunlight. I will most likely slow down at this point just keeping myself on the bike and concentrated on moving forward.

5am (12 laps 3, to go)

I have no clue how I’ll be feeling at this point. Probably angry and tired and ready to go home.

7am (14 Laps, 1 to go)


9am (15 Laps done.)

Now the above is completely based on the fact I can hold a 1:30 lap pace, which just isn’t going to happen, but I feel I can probably hold something close to that, maybe swaying into 1:45 or so, this still gives me enough time to hit my 15 lap goal, this also is pending weather is favourable. If it rains or gets cold (or snows lol) I’ll probably just keep trudging on.

Anyway, just musings on how I’m going to deal with eating and drinking and visualization for Pueblo.


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