Something about Nothing

Right now things are plodding along. Coach has me off power training for a bit and doing more Z2 work with some big tempo efforts thrown in, nothing serious, but I’m starting to pull 10-12H weeks on the bike which is starting to eat into other things I like to do… like sit on my ass and watch Netflix till it asks me if I’m still alive.

Starting to correct things in my diet. I’ve cut out the diet pop after a binge this weekend, and switched to a lot of greens. Also moved off Recoverrite after my rides and started using a top shelf Whey Protein powder. I get enough carbs elsewhere so I’ll be fine, my problem is a huge lack of protein right now, and I can feel it in my rides if I’m not eating properly. Mind you not so much during, but after.

Starting to think about plans for Pueblo. Debating flying into Tuscon and flying out of Vegas, getting a hotel room before the night of the race, etc etc. I small things here and there that I’m starting to write down and plan for.

SITH was a really good. Felt very strong all day, and my lap times were very consistent at 29-30 min for 5 laps. I feel though that I rode the course at a Solo pace, the course was demanding from a technical aspect with the rocks and really uneven ground, and nowhere to really unload the legs. The only issue I saw was that once you were in, there was only 2 places to drink. As a Solo it woulda been okay, but as a Tag member, they were the ONLY 2 places to really get steam, only to have it robbed by heading back into the single track.

Great day on the bike overall, and felt really good.

Nothing to report other than training is going well, and starting into my nosedive to 24h weight.


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